"We at DCA (Dan Church Aid) in Juba, South Sudan have recently purchased in total 8 Toyota vehicles with quite some accessories from LTA Auto in Denmark in cooperation with their sister company LTA Juba office/garage in Juba. We needed these vehicles quite urgent, because our projects had started already and we did not have any transport for the project people.

LTA provided us with the vehicles within the time frame that they promised. All the accessories fitted were of good quality (like i.e. TJM bull bars) and the fitment was done in a very good way. We had however one claim after having taken over the vehicles – a problem with one antenna for one of the Codan radios. This was immedeately solved by the LTA staff and all the vehicles got a PDI/first service in the LTA Juba garage in Juba, before they were taken to the project sites and they are running perfectly.

Good service from LTA Auto! "
Uliks Hasanaj, Prolog/Security Officer, DanChurchAid - Juba/Nairobi

"In South Sudan we started a partnership two years ago working with LTA Auto and LTA Juba. The cooperation with them has been very good, LTA Auto and LTA Juba has supplied Spare Parts, Motorcycles, Vehicles and Tools to our projects and they have handled the complete supply chain including the logistic, custom clearing and delivery to the project location. Having a partner handling the supply chain to delivery point in countries as South Sudan has helped us immensely and we have been able to user less recourses on the supply chain and instead been able to focus on our operations in country.

I hereby recommend the services that LTA Auto and LTA Juba has provided to DRC & DDG."
Michael Hasselstroem, Regional Logistics Manager, Danish Refugee Council, Kampala, Uganda