Batteries and Tyres

Batteries are among the most frequently used items in South Sudan and having good quality battery in your equipment is extremely important. At LTA Juba we keep stock of batteries using the worldwide known brand Exide. This is a high quality battery brand.

For projects far out in the middle of nowhere it does really help you to always have the capacity to start your vehicle. Batteries often "die" even in hot areas, so a good battery is essential.

We are dealing in Exide and genuine Toyota batteries especially for 4x4s.

When it comes to tyres, we keep a bigger stock of Michelin and Goodyear tyres – mostly 4x4 tyres. Especially for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70# we keep the Goodyear Wrangler – good for the dry season and Goodyear G90 and Michelin XZL – especially good for the rainy season and muddy areas. The Goodyear and Michelin tyres are high quality and they are manufacturing high quality products in different factories around the world. This ensures high quality tyres for all purposes at competitive prices.

For rough terrain quality tyres are essential

For Motorcycles we stock Duro, Dunlop and Brigdestone tyres in the frequently used sizes 2.75x21 and 4.10x18 fitting on Yamaha, Honda, etc. Tubes for vehicle and motorcycle tyres as well as flaps are available from Juba stock. For construction machinery and tractors we recommend BKT tyres, which we however do not stock in Juba so far.