LTA Juba are together with LTA Auto proud to supporting various Aid and Development organizations and charities such as the Danish “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” (Cancer Research Center ) and “Hjerteforeningen” (Heart Center) and some other smaller projects.

LTA likes to make a difference to help less fortunate in need

We also support local activities such as the classic car racing in Ethiopia and we from time to time we also sponsor the HASH runs with t-shirts in various countries.

LTA has for the last 5 years been one of the sponsors for the local Christmas marked organised by the Berger Group in Abuja, Nigeria. The profit from the “bazar” goes to disabled people in and around Abuja.

LTA gave a generous donation to "Sydfyn-Paris" in 2013. It is a charity bicycle race from Denmark to Paris to raise money for children suffering from cancer.